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Welcome Real Estate Investors and Developers. 


With the lack of quality inventory for those looking at major acquisitions, we have been helping our investors develop their own projects using our network of developers.


We only represent developers with experience, market knowledge, financial strength, and dedication to quality service  to ensure our ability to satisfy the most demanding investors and their real estate representatives.


If you're a developer looking to work with our investors or vise-versa, fill out the form on the left.


Hotels | Casinos Wanted


Mizner Investment Group is looking for 5 Star Hotels and Casinos to purchase.  No project is too large, but hot real estate regions are preferred.  Hotel & Casino conversions are also an option.  Please send all enquiries to

John S. Herlong, Jr.


Land for development:




Lake Murray, SC

More information HERE




Manalapan, FL

More information HERE





Trump Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada



Trump Grande

Miami, Florida





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