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Today the regulation plan for the property is approved, and there exists detailed plans for major aspects of the project. Even though just one step from realization, the current plans have great flexibility, and can be adjusted to accommodate the specific needs of the market.


The resort will provide apartments for year-around use, as well as facilities for recreation, wellness and business – all with immediate access to the fjord and local mountains. In addition to the range of activities naturally available at the resort, more activities and attractions are located within a short driving distance.



The regulation provides the buyer of the property the opportunity to build a medium-scale resort with a maximum of 50-70 apartments. The resort comprises of living units, public areas as well as buildings offering a wide range of services. In addition to the units visible on the overview, the regulation plan opens for additional building mass and recreational areas. Current architectural drawings are a suggestion for how a resort could be developed, but the design can be adjusted. Outside architects may also be used for this project.


During the planning of the public areas of the resort it has been paid special attention to enabling good views, easy access to all living units and organizing the public areas for a multitude of different uses. Besides the planned layout of the streets, there is also a loose network of small pedestrian routes in the nearby terrain as well as a network of staircases that provide fast vertical accesses to both living units and public areas.


The public areas have been divided vertically into different zones such as the sea promenade and the forest promenade. These areas aim to bring out different qualities of the site by organizing and linking them into strips of specific characters such as the sea promenade, which is centered around the marina and nearby fishing spots.



All units share similar plan layout and sections. All open on one side to the views of the fjord and sunset. Other three sides of the unit are closed. This leads to a simple organization of the plan where all rooms open to one side and have access to the covered outdoor terraces. Ground floor is for living and dining and upper floor for bedrooms. All units get also private access to the car park.


Due to the ambition of merging the building with the mountain the finishing of the facades is a grey cement fiber board. The door and window frames are of grey coated aluminum, the railings are of grey coated steel.



Apartment building consists of tightly packed space modules, which are “stacked” to a number of housing volumes. Prefabricated modules have large openings towards the fjord. Upper floors can also enjoy morning light with mountain views. Every apartment has at least two terraces, some covered some stretched towards the fjord.


Apartment building is covered with timber finishing of natural larch. The timber is not treated to allow for natural aging and achieve a natural gray tone in 2-3 years. The idea is to connect the harbor deck and the building with similar finishing.



All buildings share similar ground floor plan with straight connection from the street. The ground floor opens up with terraces in both ends and is conceived as an opening through the building from the street to the fjord. The upper floor is for bedrooms. The adjustment of the buildings with the terrain has led to two types of houses. Type “A” has a simple outdoor terrace at the lower floor that connects to the seaside promenade where the slope is gentle enough to allow safe climbing with the help of some artificial steps inserted into the landscape. Type “B” is on a steeper slope where there is an additional floor with a bedroom between the ground floor living area and the lower floor outdoor terrace.


All buildings share identical timber finishing of natural larch. The timber is not treated to allow for natural aging and achieve a natural gray tone in 2-3 years. Same material is used also for the window- and doorframes and railings. The only exceptions in the outer finish are the outdoor terraces at both ends of the ground floor and the small outdoor terrace on the lower floor. There the walls, ceiling and floor are covered with boards and painted very light similar to the interior of the ground floor to achieve a clear contrast with the outer skin of the building.



Architecturally the new pavilion mimics the existing cabins scale and form to create one united building, instead of two different. The most notable feature is the roof of the pavilion, which hides all the construction, ventilation, lighting, sound systems required in a restaurant.


The new pavilion consists of six parts or halls, which can be used as a one coherent space, or divide it into several smaller ones. To allow maximum transparency between the event square and the fjord with the evening sun, the pavilion has glass facades on the east and west sides. On the west side the glass facade is moved back to allow comfortable seating in case of winds or rain. There is also a bigger terrace on the north side of the building, which can be used together with the park/playground. The existing cabins are reused as a kitchen for the restaurant with toilets and staff rooms and the chefs apartment. The kitchen on the ground floor is visible to the promenade.


As all other buildings around marina, the restaurant building has timber finishing. This includes all of the buildings outer perimeters (walls, roof) and also the existing cabins are covered the same way. The timber is not treated to allow for natural aging and achieve a natural gray tone in 2-3 years. Glass facades are made with gray coated aluminum. Interior of the new pavilion (floors, walls, ceilings) is painted timber (white).



The floating sauna is an experimental design, and currently an idea that the developer and associated architects have been considering. Mobile by design the unit can be towed to different locations along the fjord, or it could be more or less permanently anchored near shore.


With the current design the sauna has two terraces; one for sitting and sunbathing and the other one that facilitates easy access to the fjord for swimming with direct access from the sauna. Inside there will be a small lounge, kitchenette, wc, shower and naturally a sauna.


As for finishing, the material currently used is timber, and would fit nicely with the overall concept in Vamråk. Like the rest of the project the sauna follows the module principle, and should be produced abroad and assembled on-site. However, the design and idea is experimental, and will need further planning.



The purpose of the spa building is to provide wellness services and access to swimming and sauna facilities throughout the year. The aim is to use heated sea water from the fjord in the indoor pool. As the spa building is forced on a very small building area, the wellness department has been situated on the 1. floor and pool with saunas and changing rooms has been left on the ground floor. That also allows the wellness part to be quiet and peaceful, closed off from the pool area. Both are facing the fjord and the sunset views in the west through a panoramic glass facade. That glass facade finally turns towards the sunset plaza at the northern end of the building to formalise a well visible entrance. The technical facilities are all situated in the basement.


As all other buildings in the village, the spa has a timber finishing of natural larch. The finishing is the same on the facades, on the outer terraces and also on the roof, as the latter will be very well visible from the village above. The timber is not treated to allow for natural aging and achieve a natural gray tone in 2-3 years. Glass facades are made with gray coated aluminum.



Guest house consists of number of space modules, which are organized on two floors. The floors follow the existing topography. This results in shifted units. The shifting creates a more private space in front of housing units and more various views to the fjord. Due to the ambition of merging the building with the mountain the finishing of the facades is a grey cement fiber board. The door and window frames are off grey coated aluminum, the railings are the same as the facade.






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