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List Price:

$4.2 Million (USD) REDUCTION!

Lot Size:

180k m (44.5 acres)


This is one of the MOST unique development opportunities in the world. The Norwegian Fjord is considered by many the most beautiful waterway on earth. Recent restrictions on real estate development was implemented in efforts to maintain its natural beauty. This amazing waterfront property was "grandfathered" in so it will be one of the last approved projects on the Fjord.



Currently, this property has infrastructure in place for immediate use. There are approved plans but also room to be creative. Consider this beautiful landscape for your blank canvas.


Wikipedia Fact:

The deepest place in the entire Norwegian Fjord is just outside the existing cabins/marina at 1,308 meters (.813 miles). This is second in the WORLD just behind the Skelton Inlet in Antarctica.








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