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Trump SoHo, New York City



Donald J. Trump's Hotel Condominiums:

Trump International Hotel provides a unique opportunity to own an elegantly appointed hotel guestroom in some of the worlds most sought after locations.  These superb accommodations may be purchased for personal or corporate use, and occupied as much, or as little as desired.  When in residence, owners will have access to the five-star amenities and services of a luxurious hotel.  When not occupied, your room will be made available as part of Trump International Hotel in order to generate revenue. 


Each hotel guestroom is purchased in fee-simple, which owners may sell or transfer at any time in the future.  Trump International serves as the perfect in-town pied-a-terre.  Whether an owner occupies a guestroom or places it for rent, the room will be managed and maintained by the hotel with the highest level of service.  Trump International will have an intimate and private ambiance with all the comforts of home.  Award winning Trump service coupled with world-class design guarantee an absolutely luxurious lifestyle.  We currently have ten locations...



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Trump Hotel

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Trump Grande

Miami, Florida





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